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Kim's Kwik Klinic - Week 41 - Babies

I just wanted to talk about babies and how they are being carried. There they are they've just popped out of the womb and are probably four to five months old when parents take them out strapped to them, which is lovely and fine. I think probably prams are cumbersome sometimes but why do parents strap the baby so they are looking away. Do they think the baby will learn quickly or they somehow will have a better time looking outward??? What can they see? What can they take in? They are little babies just come out of a wonderfully warm environment in the womb and thrust outside to life and all that means. All bright lights, cool air, sounds, and suddenly faced with breathing, eating, drinking, urinating and defecating. Quite a lot going on!
Then take the baby into the street, all limbs dangling, head bobbing up and down, looking to my mind very uncomfortable! Babies are just bundles of cartilage and the most vulnerable part of the body at this age is the neck. The neck needs to have support.  I think as a baby I'd want a similar environment to that of the womb, I think I'd like to lay my head against a parents chest and smell their essence and warmth and feel secure!

Is baby to adult in this instance any different? I feel it is more a human need than anything!! Even as adult it is lovely to feel a loved ones arms around you with your head on their shoulder, a basic need for warmth and security.
Each to their own but felt I had to comment on the well being of the babies neck - it just struck me as a strange practice.