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Kim's Kwik Klinic - Week 36 - How To Lose Weight (part ten)

Some last thoughts on this subject of eating:

A great deal of eating can be and is emotional - an emotional need to satisfy in some way.

Once able to take the emotion away you're home and dry. Particularly for the female complexities of monthly periods which can make women crazy in mood and a need to eat. The build up before the monthly period causes the body to feel a tremendous pressure with distended breasts, lower abdominal pain and a craving for sweet tasting food. These symptoms only show that the body is not in balance. Ideally there should be no symptoms for the woman before the period starts - only a feeling of gliding into the period without even thinking about it. The craving for sweet food actually acts as a releasing, calming effect with this feeling of low or pent up energy, this is an indication of stagnation which can be moved into action with the sweet taste. However if one can follow this regime of eating only at meal times, the digestion will slowly become stronger and compulsive feelings for sweet foods will dissipate. The emotional feelings of irritation, pent up anger and tears which happen so often before the period will all lessen as the body comes into balance.

In fact each organ has it's own emotional connection:

The Liver, when out of balance, can produce a feeling anger or tears (which as mentioned can happen before the period for a craving of sweet), otherwise if the Liver is under par the taste of sour will be desired -and remembering the colour of the Liver is green. Gherkins, olives etc. will appeal.

The Heart will like the bitter taste and in reverse if out of balance will have the taste of bitter in the mouth. Strangely the Heart can suffer if there's too much joy!! For example, someone who wins the lottery can fall down dead with a sudden heart attack.  It slows the circulation down where the bitter taste comes in to spark things up i.e., coffee, dark chocolate and cayenne pepper - spicy things!! The colour associated with the heart is red. Sweet, as already mentioned can be a tremendous relaxer -especially for the nervous system and when there is a case of over worrying when the situation doesn't require this emotion. Sweet has a calming effect -nothing like a cup of sweet tea when anxious but if too much sweet is consumed it will produce a sort of phlegm in the mouth!!

The Lung likes white foods like almonds, pears and also pungent food. It's easy for the Lung to feel consumed especially in times of grief. Even the posture of a sad person will assume the position of a caved in chest appearance with head drooping.

The Kidney likes salty foods: crisps, salted peanuts - with salt acting as an astringent to absorb the liquids in the body. The knees, teeth, lower back, rooting in of the head hair (as when weak will fall out) over straining (working too many and long hours and not enough rest ) all affected if the kidney energy is exhausted. Will respond to black colour foods -i.e. black sesame seeds, walnuts, mushrooms.